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Be a Value Chain Associate and take the first step towards becoming a lifelong advocate for agricullture. Gain professional training and support while you solve problems in the field of Agriculture – Rural Areas– Farmers orienting towards value chain and market.


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The agricultural value chain

The agricultural value chain model helps connect separately developed links and ….

Why join Green Edu?

 Our workplace is centered around leadership development, diversity, and employee benefits that support our passionate teammates to achieve their personal career and life goals. The faster every teammate grow, the stronger impact we can make for the society!

Our activities

Our activities aim to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem and human resources in the agricultural sector, oriented towards value chain and market with the vision to directly impact the lives of 06 milllion farmers in Vietnam by 2030.

Education & Training

Training and supporting the enterprises in agricultural value chain across Vietnam to increase their competitiveness


Hosting the exhibition and promotion media for start-up projects and products of individuals and organizations across Vietnam

Human Resources

Selecting and developing high-quality workers to increase the quality of human resources for agricultural value chains.


Build a reliable and effective agricultural information channel for everyone

Support the community of start-ups, entrepreneurial farmers and cooperatives

Connect leading businesses/organizations and job-seekers, specialized in agriculture and sustainable development sectors

Train young talents to become consultants for (model) farmers, enterprises, cooperatives and various potential partners

Provide offline forum for experts and community to pollinate ideas, to share and learn from topics ranging from sustainable development to raising the readiness of Vietnamese people

Little Farmer Project

Little Farmer is an Education for Sustainable Development project run by Teach for Vietnam and Green Edu. The project is to build a vegetable growing nursery for fostering and inculcating the entrepreneurship spirit and scientific mindset in children from many underprivileged schools in Tây Ninh.

Knowledge Hub

Broaden your knowledge in Entrepreneurial Agriculture with us.

The New Vision for Agriculture

Sustainable Agribusiness & Food Value Chains

A Best Practice from China

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