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About Green Edu

Green Edu is a social enterprise aims to improve the startup ecosystem and human capital in agriculture orienting toward value chain and market.

The agricultural value chain model helps connect separately developed links to enhance the competitiveness and value of Vietnamese agricultural products.


Current situation of Agriculture in Vietnam

Currently, Vietnam’s agricultural sector faces many constraints, such as limited production capacity of small-scale farmers, poor infrastructure, inadequate adoption of technology, under-developed linkage and supply chain and low-quality labor.

“We have to start with farmers and put farmers at the center of the whole effort. Farmers who want to develop sustainably, joining the value chain will gain higher competitive opportunities.”

One of the world’s sustainable development goals is to develop food security as the global population grows. The World Economic Forum on The New Vision for Agriculture has enabled partners across the world to deliver food security, environmental sustainability and enhance economic opportunities through agriculture.

Agricultural Value Chain

Simply understood, the value chain represents a set of linked activities to turn raw materials into commodity products, simultaneously helping gain added value to the product. The value chains often comprise human factors and activities that improve products through connecting commodity producers with processors and markets. Transformation activities can be production, marketing or delivery of goods or services to the final consumers.

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Sharing the value “WE”, the Staff and Associates of Green Edu have been building and orienting toward a common goal that is solving the problems of Agriculture – Rural Area-Farmers to contribute to improving the competitiveness and income, and creating a new rural area with new opportunities for everyone.

Phuc Huynh

Founder & CEO

Nguyet Nguyen

Training Manager


Quản Lý Vận Hành

Hung Nguyen

IT Manager

Tam To

Marketing Executive

Giang Nguyen

IT Officer

Binh Tran

Value Chain Associate

Huyen Nguyen

Value Chain Associate

Thu Vo

Value Chain Associate

Khang Nguyen

Value Chain Associate Intern

Dung Tran

Value Chain Associate